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We Heart It.

Yeah…… στο We Heart It.


dude if you think about it we’re already astronauts. earth is in space. we’re in space. dude

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why do the people i like have to kiss other people it’s really inconsiderate 

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avoiding hate like


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Just Take a Moment

Are you feeling sad right now? 
What emotion do you feel? 
Are you already content?
Are you not? Well how about this…
Take a moment.

Sit down. Settle yourself in. 
Get comfortable. 
Think about this…
That moment when you first wake up
And you see the beam of morning light streak through. 
Think about that moment when 
You first feel the hot shower water
Run down your skin. 
Think about how good it feels
Right after that shower. 
How about when someone smiles at you?
Or when you smile at them?
What about when that little kid 
Passing by or playing
Stops to look at you to smile
Or to say hi. 
Just take a moment
To think about that joy. 
Or what about that moment
When you meet an old friend. 
The smile
The excitement that rushes through you. 
What about that feeling when you’re 
Laughing so hard
You have tears streaking down your face?
You’re gasping for breath but choking on laughter. 
Or that moment
When you have a deep conversation
With someone you hardly know
Or didn’t realize you didn’t know. 
Think about that feeling you get
That rush you get
On your favorite roller coaster
Or that free feeling
When you’re dancing like an idiot
To your favorite music
Think about that moment
When he gets down on his knee
And holds the ring up to you. 
Or her reaction
Her face covered by her hands
Joyous tears streaking down her face
As she nods yes
Or chokes yes through overwhelmed sobs 
What about that day 
your dream came true?
Or that day your dad finally told you
He loves you
Or that day your mom finally told you
She loves you
That day you found or met 
Your birth parents. 
The moment you reunite with your loved one
The one that had just arrived from war
What about that time
When you got to hold a kitten
Or a puppy. 
When you played with that puppy
How happily it bounded towards you. 
Or the feeling
From that first kiss. 
Their lips gently pressed on yours. 
The warmth from their breath
The emotion pouring out
That feeling
When you finally get to devour
A massive plate of food 
After not having eaten for a while
And it tastes SO GOOD. 
or that feeling
When you finally make it to the bathroom
After holding it for too long. 
You know you like that feeling
Of course you do!
What about that feeling
When you see someone you love
That smile
Spread from ear to ear
Their entire face lit up. 
The day you conquered your fears
The day you saw, did, or where influenced by an act of kindness
That attachment you grow
To a really good book. 
You stay up late just to see how it ends
And then you’re dead tired the next day
Or that small moment of achievement you get
When you finally get the thing
You’d been working on
For who knows how long
That feeling after a long day
Where you finally kick off your shoes,
Strip your uncomfortable clothes off,
And just throw yourself on your bed.

Whenever you’re feeling anything but happy
Just think about these things. 
Just take a moment
Get comfortable. 
Relax and close your eyes
And realize
Things may not be great now,
But that doesn’t mean they won’t ever be.

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today in science class I learned
every cell in our body is replaced every seven years

how lovely it is to know
that one day I will have a body
you will have never touched

-[I.m.] (via simplyardent)

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